Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Approaches to the enchancement of Quality of Life, Technological Educational Institute of Crete and Yeshiva University (New York) welcome you to a four-day workshop titled:

“A Comprehensive Clinical Training on the Evaluation and
Treatment of Dysphagia”

Workshop will be taken place from 2 to 5 August in Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

During the Workshop, participants will get a majority knowledge of recognized Clinical Techniques of Assessment and Diagnosis and Therapeutic Techniques, aiming at improving the Feeding and Ingestion skills.

The Basic Principles of Therapeutic Feeding will be presented, and a series of Therapeutic Techniques for Functional Intervention will be explored to address the relevant eating and ingestion Disorders.

Workshop will be included practical case assesment (Hands-On), in order to develop the critical ability of participants to be able to meet even the most demanding incidents.

The Official Workshop’s language is English. Maximum number of participants is 30.

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